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Jen has an incredible love, energy and love of Latin dances and West Coast Swing. She is always committed to give you constructive feedback. Anyone would be greatly benefited from taking a class with her! I always learn and progress my dancing by attending her classes.  Jen enjoys delivering new moves and steps which is a privilege at any of her dancing classes.

Delma Wood

Jen spent 3 hours this weekend teaching a group of Women Veterans. Veterans of all abilities and disabilities. There were Veterans that thought their bodies would never move as needed, but Jen changed a few steps and they were dancing. Jen spreads joy just by seeing how much she loves dance, but also by how much she loves to share that love with others. We had such a wonderful time and can not wait to do it again.

Catherine O'Hara

Jen is an amazing dance teacher! She is so talented and knowledgeable! She connects right away with her students! I have had the opportunity to learn from her in both a group setting and private sessions….she does both equally beautifully!! My husband and I worked closely with Jen prior to our son’s wedding…..we were a hit on the dance floor!! Thank you Jen!!

Kim Seitz

Jen is a dedicated and passionate instructor who leads a class of people with varying degrees of dance talent with ease, patience and inspiration! If you want to learn how to do some true Latin dance moves and have some fun, this is the class for you!

Vanessa Benson

Jen does a great job teaching dance, especially to us beginners! She’s so good at assimilating the moves to our style of learning and has such a fun and upbeat attitude about it all that it’s infectious. I’d highly recommend her, we can’t wait to continue our lessons!

Emily Greenhouse

Jen is an excellent instructor and is passionate about dance. I highly recommend taking her class! She teaches for both beginners and those with more experience . Five star fun!

Cathy Backman

Jen's talent for teaching Salsa, in my opinion, is off the charts. Her style, knowledge and refinement as an instructor results in the quickest and easiest introduction into the Salsa that I have ever witnessed. Refreshingly, her approach seemed to communicate something quite natural in people. It felt like being guided into something quite attainable, with the proof being an eagerness to learn more and advance toward greater skill. I recommend her highly!

Jessepi Trade Wildfeather

Jen is a born teacher whose skills and enthusiasm shine throughout her classes. I had so much fun and left each class with a smile on my face! 😊

Candi Kilburn

Jen has such a knack for putting you and your partner at ease, especially for us beginners. Will choreograph a routine certainly within your abilities and always will add a special move to take it up a notch.
Felt very comfortable in her presence and hoping she will see her hard work pay off when I finally get to dance with my son in 3 weeks!
Thank you Jen. My only regrets is not having done this sooner.

Maureen Valenti

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